Framingham, MA |

Thanks to everyone!
Just a note to tell you all who treated me at HSPC from administrative to medical that they were simply fantastic. The treatment was so attentive. I LOVE the 25 Washington Street location. It is infinitely easier to negotiate parking, walking etc. than it is at the main hospital.

All there put me at ease and were so helpful I almost didn’t want to leave — well I won’t go that far — but your superior treatment cannot be lauded enough. It was perfect.

Again, my thanks to EVERYONE who was so attentive, humane and professional. I don’t know how all of you do it but I am thankful you do. I was blessed to live in a nation where I have received the best care whether because of polio as a child so many years ago or the perils
encountered from adult aging. I am grateful for all of you!

NR- Framingham, MA