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FOOSH Injury

All of us interact with the world around us with our hands. The great facility of our hands and their uncanny ability to feel and perform can be impaired by injury or illness. As winter approaches, here in the northeast, we must be aware of our exposures. While snow makes for a wonderful winter wonderland, our hands can be hurt navigating the snow and ice. The most common injury to our hands and wrist is a FOOSH injury [Fall On Out Stretched Hand]. If we move or turn too fast on the ice underneath the snow we may fall on our hands. If we manage to protect our head and face, injury can occur to the shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand. Fracture of the wrist is the most common, especially in people under 12 and over 60. When the wrist breaks, it is very painful and it swells. Initial treatment is elevation, icing it, and splinting to keep it immobile. X-rays should be taken and the condition should be evaluated by a medical professional.