Dr. Ruchelsman- Thanks for all the help. You were incredible through this whole process. Many thanks…

L.E. - Crimson

Thank you Dr. Ruchelsman
Dr. Ruchelsman: Thanks for getting me back on the water so quickly.

L.H.B. - Crimson

Less invasive procedure!!

“Originally, I’d been to another specialist to do my carpal tunnel surgery and I had delayed the surgery due to the length of recovery. When I learned from that Hand Surgery, PC in Newton would do a less invasive procedure, open carpal tunnel release, which had a shorter recovery time, I decided to give this new office a try. After seeing Dr Leibman for a first visit, I was immediately put at ease by his informative manner. The surgery was done in a beautiful, new facility, close to their office with a kind and attentive medical staff.

Dr Leibman was a very thorough and supportive surgeon, and I found the experience in his care to be very positive.”

Shelly G.

Thanks to Dr. Ruchelsman & Natanya

Thank you both so much for taking great care of me and my thumb. It is much more stable and there is no limit to what I’ll be able to do with it.
I look forward to the next time we connect, hopefully without a surgical procedure.

Dan S.

Thank you Dr. Leibman

I’m writing this to let you know how much I appreciate the staff and most of all Dr. Leibman’s caring ways. He performed surgery on my hand last March and my hand is doing so much better.

Thanks again for all that was done.

Barbara E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Matthew Leibman’s since 2006. At that time I was diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma.

Merkel Cell is a rare and highly aggressive skin cancer. It displays itself in a bluish red nodule. The nodule/tumor I had was on my wrist. My diagnosis was level 3-4.

Dr. Leibman was the hand surgeon who removed the nodule and margins of the tumor. After the surgery I had both radiation and chemo. Today, eight years later I am alive and well.

I had fine doctors, but Dr. Leibman made the difference, he was my life saver. He is THE best and I will always be grateful to him.


Dr. Ruchelsman,
I think that you are an awesome doc and my hand feels good as new. I’ll let you know how the NCAA’s go this year.

P.B. - Providence

Dr. Ruchelsman,
Thanks for getting me back in the goal! Go Buckeyes!

J.K. - Ohio

Dr. Ruchelsman,
Thank you for everything you have done to get me back in the pool one month after surgery. I would not have been able to get back my 200 IM in time for Championships without you.

C.P. - Ohio

I met Dr. Ruchelsman in Israel during the 2013 World Maccabiah Games as part of the sports medicine staff assigned to Team USA Ice
Hockey. The two of us covered three hockey teams with 75 athletes. Having worked in sports medicine for 20 years, I can honestly say that I never worked with a more professional, ethical and competent surgeon than Dr. Dave! I would recommend Dave for anyone including myself! … B.Y., MA, ATC, CSCS

B.Y. - San Jose

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