Dear Dr. Ruchelsman,

Thank you so much for your awesome care of my two broken elbows. It feels great to be back to real life, teaching and practicing yoga, and weight lifting. I credit the strength and speed of recovery to your excellent care…All future handstands are dedicated to you.

A.T. - Massachusetts

Dear Dr. Ruchelsman,
Because of your wonderful care and compassion, I know that I had a textbook surgery and recovery of my broken wrist. You are an outstanding physician and surgeon….As you know, I have a medical history to judge that! I will remember your gentleness with my wrist, your postop visits in the recovery room, and your sincere call the evening after my surgery to check on me.

J.S. - Massachusetts

Dear Dr. Ruchelsman,
I’m writing to thank you for taking care of my hand so efficiently. The manner and effectiveness of your treatment in restoring my finger to its original function and position was most impressive…

D.Q. - United Kingdom

Dr. Ruchelsman,
It’s wonderful to find a doctor who really takes the time to listen and to reassure…Thanks for your skill, dedication, attentiveness, and communication!

E.H. - Seattle, WA

Dr. Ruchelsman,

I wanted to thank you for being such a great doctor! I am certainly appreciative of your surgical skills, but also know that I am deeply grateful for your compassion and sensitivity in how you treated me and handled my situation. That I will never forget. Thank you for allowing me to even pen this note to you.

C.C. - Massachusetts

Dr. Ruchelsman,
I’m writing for two reasons. First…I can write because of you.
You are a wizard…
You have a special quality that makes you a very dear person…. Thanks!

C.L. - Maine

Dr. Ruchelsman,

Thank you for the great effort and work to make my trip possible…again, thank you for a great and speedy operation…

A.C. - Italy

Dr. Ruchelsman,

Thank you so much for putting Jason’s wrist back together. You and your staff have a special place in our hearts…Having you as Jason’s surgeon and doctor has been a blessing…

J.T. and T.H. - Massachusetts

Dr. Ruchelsman,

Thanks for your great performance…

S.P. - Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston

Dr. Ruchelsman:

I am so deeply appreciative of your genuine and outstanding kindness, gentleness and patience along with, of course, your exquisite surgery.

I may be a rock star, but you are my HERO!

Thank you ever so much for taking such good care of me!

Peace and love

Roberta S.

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